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about libiio control AD9361

Question asked by qinjuchao on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by qinjuchao

Now I am learning how to use libiio to control AD9361 on Linux os, and I have corss-compiled the libiio, and the example(ad9361-iiosrteam.c) , the example worked well. then I want to develop it myself. but I have some question about the parameters of  the attr, for instance 

wr_ch_str(chn, "rf_port_select",     cfg->rfport);

wr_ch_lli(chn, "rf_bandwidth",       cfg->bw_hz);

wr_ch_lli(chn, "sampling_frequency", cfg->fs_hz);

the above funication just call for "iio_channel_attr_write()", now I don't konw where defines the "rf_port_select" "rf_bandwidth" "sampling_frequency",and where it comes from. If I want to chenge other attr, for example rx_gain,tx_power, what string should it be. thanks very much