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Problem with ADG1414: SPI doesn't work

Question asked by valeruozi on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by valeruozi

Right now I'm working singularly with a ADG1414, that in the future should be daisy chained with other 9 ADG1414.

I'm working supplying with 5V the Reset/VL pin, the Sync, the clock and the Din.

The signals in the pictures are: 

-green: sync

-yellow: clock

-violet: Din.

While activating the DB0, instead of controlling just the S1 switch, it controls both the S1 and S2 switch.

The same happens for the DB1, instead of controlling the S2 switch, it controls both the S3 and S4 switch. (the activation of the DB1 can be seen in the picture scope_19.

The same happens for DB3 which is shown in the picture scope_17.

How can it be possibile?

I tried to change also the SPI modes but the result remains the same.