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HMC264LC3B Spurious issue

Question asked by AkiraO on Mar 30, 2017
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I received a support request about HMC264LC3B from our customer. The customer has used HMC264LC3B as an up-converter for their system and he has a spurious issue.  


For example,

 he can see spurious at 28.02GHz when LO=12GHz (-4dBm), IF  = 3.99GHz (-20dBm) and RF=27.99GHz.

in the other case;

 he can see spurious at 28.55GHz when LO=12.25GHz (-4dBm), IF  = 4.1GHz (-20dBm) and RF=28.06GHz. 

and the other case;

  he can see spurious on the RF signal when LO=12GHz (-4dBm), IF  = 4.0GHz (-20dBm) and RF=28GHz. 


For all cases, the customer uses an amplifier following the HMC264. The gain of the amplifier is 25dB.


Do you have any idea about a cause of the spurious and how to inprove?



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