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adau1452 and multiple ad1938

Question asked by wygonski on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by neimanAudio

I'm looking for confirmation of my approach to interface adau1452 to 2 or more ad1838 codecs.   I understand ther may be multiple ways to accomplish this, but I'm planning to configure the digital audio serial ports of the ADAU1452 in TDM8 mode and assign one serial data port group to each AD1938. I will use an external uC to control the AD1938s configuration so that sample rate can be changed.
ADC audio from the AD1938 is available in the first 4 timeslots of the 8-timeslot frame.


My specific questions are:

1.  How to wire up LRCLK_INn, BCLKINn, LRCLK_OUTn, BCLK_OUTn?


2.  If the input and output sample rates are always the same, can I save by routing BCLK_OUTn to AD1938 DAC and ADC BCLK, and LRCLK_OUTn to AD1938 DAC and ADC LRCLK?


3.   Alternatively, I have read that daisy-chaining AD1938s is a possibility, but it's not clear to me how to assign timeslots to individual AD1938s.


Thanks in advance,