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EVAL AD7606SDZ_Raspberry Pi_SPI_Python

Question asked by Batyr on Mar 29, 2017
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I am trying to connect EVAL AD7606SDZ with Raspberry Pi 2B using Python. Eval board and Raspberry connection via "SDP Breakout Board UG-282".


Using “” and “RPi.GPIO” libraries I connected as it is required in the datasheet. But unfortunately, I couldn't get output.

Pin connections:

  •      Except for analog input V1 all others analog
  •      OS0, OS1, OS2 are grounded.

           UG-282                             Raspberry Pi

Reset                                  RESET_IN (60)                   BCM 12 (P32)

MISO                                  SPI_MISO(83)                   BCM 9 (P21)

MOSI                                  SPI_MOSI(84)                   BCM 10 (P19)

CS                                      SPI_SEL_A(85)                  BCM 8 (P24)

SCLK                                  SPI_CLK (82)                     BCM 11 (P23)


Maybe I am trying to invent the wheel? I am the newbie and maybe someone did it before and can share the experience.