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Question asked by hpkamen on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by sripad
AD9361 user manual (UG570) file 87th page said: "IF the MCS RF Enable bit is set then the RF LO dividers will remain enable in the alert state.This will allow for the RF phase relationship between multiple devices to remain constant thoughout operation."

From the context, we know that: Although RF LO could not be same phase between multiple pieces, each time after power up, you can configure the register to ensure constant phase relationship between multi-chips. So that we could correct of this stationary phase lose in baseband processing software by calibtating thsi constant phase difference .

I would like to ask is: AD9371 User Manual (UG992) and didn't have clear instructions, but whether or not there are similar registers to set up for RF phase-relationship to be constant?

So  we just need calibrate once after power on, without calibrating many times. I think this feature is important for applications, the AD9361 has a such register configuration,  and AD9371 also should have this one. This question is important to me, and very urgent, hoping to get a clear answer.
Thank you!