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ADG1414 Issues when Daisy Chained

Question asked by CFenner on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by seanbrown

I'm trying to use 4 ADG1414 Analog Switches for a DUT mux (from a bus).  I have them connected in the following manner:





SPI Interface

RESET/VL is tied to the 5V supply.

The DUT_CS is controlled by a 3x8 decoder.


During debug/testing of this circuit the first bank AS6 (DUT 1-8) work correctly, as soon as I try and shift a 1 through to connect DUT9 (AS6), the -15V supply loads down (current limited), the 5V supply draws an additional ~150mA and the switch for DUT9 does not close.  When I cycle the power supplies, the board remains in this condition where the -15V supply is loaded down and the 5V supply drawing the additional 150mA.


Has this behavior been observed by anyone else?  Is there some usage error I have?  Trying to understand the condition that would cause this failure/issue.