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HMC939ALP4E Evaluation Board construction info?

Question asked by DG_Brown on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by s.ilke

I am currently transitioning from using the HMC939 bare-die part to the HMC939A bare-die part for an attenuator design that we have used extensively in our products.


I noticed that the HMC939A is offered in a prepackaged part, the HMC939ALP4E, which comes on an evaluation board, the EV1HMC939ALP4.  I am extremely interested in this part and have already ordered one of the evaluation boards.


What I would like to know is this: Is there a data sheet (or any other data) available which details the PCB construction for the EV1HMC939ALP4 evaluation board? 


The data sheet for the HMC939ALP4E only gives the following information about the evaluation board:

  • The PCB for the evaluation board has a part number of 131909.
  • The PCB material is Rogers 4350.
  • The RF connectors (J1,J2,J4,J5) are "2.9 mm PC Mount RF Connectors".


I am trying to work ahead on a new board design/simulations using the HMC939ALP4E part, and it would be helpful to know details on the evaluation board's construction such as:

  • PCB dielectric thickness(es) and layer stackup
  • RF connector part numbers
  • Via sizes/ locations
  • Coplanar waveguide over ground transmission line design parameters (conductor width and ground plane spacings)

Does anyone know if this information can be made available, or how to get it (other than by measuring the eval board)?