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AD7175-2 data register values sometimes have a "glitch"

Question asked by vdevram on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by JellenieR


I am reading the values from AD7175-2, single channel, continuous conversion mode. I sometimes see a "glitch" in the data, want to know what the issue is, and how to avoid this? 


System description:

1) I have a DAC that just ramps up and down in steps.

2) I am measuring the DAC output using the AD7175-2.

   2a) I wait for the status register bit "ready" to be low. 

   2b) I then go ahead and read the data.


Data showing the issue:


The excel file attached "data_glitch_march_28.xlsx", shows the "glitch" in line 887 - the AD7175 reads  a wrong value of 1048448, for the same DAC output. Previous and following AD7175 values are 861226 and 8616610.


Configuration firmware files:


main.c, ad717x.c, ad717x.h, ad7175_2_regs.h.


Also wanted to add, I am measuring the dac output using another ADC from a different company and it does not have this "glitch", the data is in the excel file as well. So this seems to be an ADC issue.