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Help with Settings on ADVR9371 ADI IIO running local on linux

Question asked by gizmoaudio on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by mhennerich

I'm running the ADVR9371 and ZC706 eval cards. I need some help info on the settings in ADI IIO pertaining to the observation and sniffer channel setups.

In particular under  

AD9371 Advanced Tab

OBS Settings



CHANNEL ENABLE    I assume this selects which of the 5 inputs goes into the sniffer/obs tia?



If you would, please explain the meaning of each of the names under this setting. They are: RXOFF, RX1_TXLO, RX2_TXLO, INTERNALCALS, SNIFFER, RX1_SNIFFERLO, RX2_SNIFFERLO, SNIFFER_A, SNIFFER_B, SNIFFER_C. Why is there a reference to an LO on some of these but not on all of them? I assume the TXLO and SNIFFERLO refer to the TX Synthesizer and ORx Synthesizer in the UG-992 user guide? I assume also that RX refers to ORX? What is the difference between SNIFFER, SNIFFER_A, SNIFFER_B, and SNIFFER_C? Is there a description or help doc for the ADRV9371 implementation of the ADI IIO? What does a call to RadioOn mean?



I assume that OBSLO_TX_PLL refers to the TX synthesizer and OBSLO_SNIFFER_PLL refers to the ORx synthesixer as shown in UG-992? Part of my confusion comes from the fact that it looks like LO selection is being done in two places under DEFAULT CHANNEL and also under LO SOURCE.


Is there no provision for selecting external LO inputs under ADI IIO?