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Wrong include generated for ADAU1372 on Sigmastudio 3.14.1 beta

Question asked by mr-miky on Mar 28, 2017

I wanted to point out that the C code generated by SigmaStudio 3.14.1 beta contains errors.
Specifically, the code to load the ADAU1372 is wrong because it declare 0 as the size of PLL_CTRL5 register.

I'm using 2 ADAU1372 in my use project  and the  generated sources have the same problem for both ADAU1372 .
In general it seems that the problem is for all those registers that have never been changed from beginning of the project.

Again with reference to the generated code there are other problems.
In my project I'm using ADAU1452 + 2 * ADAU1372  + AD1937. The ADAU 1xxx use 2 bytes to address the internal registers while the AD1937 uses one byte only.
The problem derives from the fact that the generated code is identical for all devices, it uses SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER_BLOCK () that does not allow to understand whether to use 1 or 2 bytes as register address.

There are other strange things in SigmaStudio 3.14.1 beta, oscillators generate a frequency of 1.5 the set . If I set an oscillator at 200Hz  there are 300Hz at output (measured whith frequence meter ! ).


P.S. all devices are connected on the same I2C bus...