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Questions about ADIS16490

Question asked by autelLeo on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by NevadaMark

Hi, I have some questions about ADIS16490:

Question1: I am wondering if there are some mismatch of the descriptions of the shock survivability of the ADIS16490, the datasheet show it is 2000g  on page1 firstly, but it mention that is 1500g on page7 secondly;

Question2: I notice that the resonant frequency of the gyro's structure of ADIS16490 and ADIS16488A are 65kHz and 18kHz , but their shock survivability is the same (2000g). I am a little confused about it. Generally speaking, the more structure stiffness(meas the resonant frequency of the gyro's structure ) we design, the better shock survivability we can get. Maybe we underestimate the shock survivability of the ADIS16490 and ADIS16460 

Question3: How to understand the nonlinearity of the acc of the  ADIS16490 is getting better with the FS is extending, I think the contrary results are resonable.