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Block Based C Talkthrough Framework with FIR on 21489

Question asked by unh-audio-ee on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan


I'm currently trying to test the FIR command with the 48 kHz sampling C Block based talkthrough project included with the SHARC-21489 EZKit Package, but I've removed the memcopy within the processaudioblocks() prototype to instead be


fir( fBlockA.Rx_L1, fBlockA.Tx_L1, coeffs, stateL, NUM_SAMPLES, 32)


where stateL is a size 33 array of zeros thats initialized to zero within main(), and not within processaudioblocks() to prevent modification.  The "coeffs" array is in primary memory, size 32, and are values generated within Matlab - the order is flipped as described in the Runtime Library, and the project is compiling properly, but when I play audio from a PC source, through the 21489 processor, and to a speaker, it doesn't sound as if the audio is being filtered! Any suggestions? I've attached the modified C code, along with a picture of the Matlab script I used for coefficients.


Could the issue be within the interrupt service, or sport_isr.c? I'm lost on what could be occuring, because the audio plays back through the speaker - I believe it may be an issue with the coefficients I'm generating, I'm open to any ideas. The entire project is zipped as an RAR file.