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ADI IIO OSCILLOSCOPE - 2 channel configuration for FMCDAQ2

Question asked by Venu@Anyon on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by DNechita

Hi All


I have configured ADI IIO OSCILLOSCOPE using linux system in conjunction with VC707 and FMCDAQ2. The default image provide SimpleImage_vc707 is used for configuration. I wanted to generate signals from boths channels of DAC ch0 and ch1 and see it on the oscilloscope. However, I could only control one channel (through Tx1). No matter what I do for second channel (Tx2), it is not reflected on the ADI IIO OSCILLOSCOPE. What is the problem  ?


Is it limited by the image file (on FPGA and FMCDAQ2) or is it because of script of ADI IIO OSCilloscope ??