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How to get W/LSB  from A/LSB and V/LSB ?

Question asked by Nouredine on Mar 28, 2017
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I want to do the AD7878a  calibration only with an accurate source.


1-  So my first question is what do you mean by "accurate source" ? and please can you give me an example that I can use.


2-  what is the meaning of LSBs and LSB ? because I'm confused !! sometimes I find LSBs in your formula. and sometimes I find LSB. so I want please to understand the difference in your formula. (it's perfect way that you give me an example with AIRMS or AVRMS).


3- what is the true meaning of this W/LSB constant ? ( Watt for each bit  or what !!!)    and how can I get W/LSB from V/LSB and A/LSB ?


4- I try to understand how can i use those two methods : instantaneous active energy calculation  and line cycle active energy calculation ?

please give me an example for each method and how to use it to get energy true value ?


5-  In my application, I want to use the line cycle active energy calculation, because I see in your forum that it's more recommended. so if it's possible to give in details, what are the steps that I should follow to use this method ?


thanks in advance for your feedback.