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Problem with Y-AXIS,  EVAL-ADXL354

Question asked by FranklinSC on Mar 27, 2017

I have a EVAL-ADXL354, now I am testing your functionality, In the ADXL354 datasheet says that X, Y and Z analog output cant be above V1P8ANA + 0.3, but when i measured the X, Y and Z output voltage, i found that Y has an 2.45 voltage, i dont know why?, the X and Z output voltage is 0.9v and 1.0v. The EVAL-ADXL354 was at rest for this measuremets, besides when i put the Sensor in Standby Mode the X and Z output voltaje is 0.3 and 0.1, but the Y output voltage is 3.2V, the AXIS-Y have a voltage very diferent and is strange.

I supply the eval board with VSUPPLY = 3.4v and VDDIO = 3.4v

Is Y-Axis damaged?

Could it have been a manufacturing defect?

How could it have been damaged?

Can It be fixed?

I really need this sensor, if someone know something that might be of help I would be really grateful.