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Synchronization of multiple ADXL355

Question asked by KimMunck on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by yorkbeary

I have a setup of 18 ADXL355 separated by 10 cm each that i want to be able to sample synchronous at 1 kHz.

I was originally hoping to use the synchronization option "External Sync and External Clock", but when i have the EXT_CLK at 256 kHz and a SYNC pulse at 1 kHz that originates from the same clock source i don't get correct measurements. I suspect this is due to the "The phase of sync must meet an approximate 25 ns setup time to the EXT_CLK rising edge".


My questions are:

  • Have i miss understood the "External Sync and External Clock" by not thinking the the EXT_CLK and SYNC had to be aligned by their rising edges?
  • What would then be the best option for synchronizing multiple ADXL355?
  • If I use the option "External Sync with Interpolation", what would be the purpose of using an external clock? Is it related to when the interpolations are sampled?
  • Those the interpolation filter estimate value of samples between each sample or is the signal actually sampled at 64 times the sampling frequency?


Thanks in advance for your reply.