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Temperature conversion in ADUc7033

Question asked by naga on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2012 by Holger

     Dear sir,


I am trying to convert Temperature in The ADUc7033 using Internal Temperature.  But the pproblem i am facing is i am not getting the proper Temperature measured. is there any standard method in converting Temperature or else any other method can u please help me in this regards. (when i am setting the temperature to ambient i am measuring it correctly later if the temperature is increased i am not able not acheive the exact variation in temperature.)


for example


Measured My Aduc7033                Measured by Temperature(standard measyrement tools for temp)    

          29.5                                                                              34.5

          31.4                                                                              44.0

          31.6                                                                              50.0



Can you Help me in this regards



Naga Venu Rao