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How to Read Active Energy on ADE7953

Question asked by Ashokkumar on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by nchandra

Hi Sir,

         My Setting details are below
      0xFE register write to 0xAD value.
      0x120 register write to 0x30 value.
      Config (0x102 ) register write to 0x8004 value.
      LCYCMODE (0x004)Register write to 0x0101 value.
      LINECYC (0x101) Register write to 0x0064 value.
      ACCMODE (0x201)  Register write to 0x0000 value  or   ACCMODE (0x201)  Register write to 0x0001 value
      0x007 register write to 0x0000 value.
      0x008 register write to 0x0000 value.
      External reference (0x0800) register write to 0x0001 value.
      Voltage and current input apply to channel A.
      Current and voltage and power factor values are read from corresponding register.Value is avaliable at this register.But active energy read from  0x21E.Only 0x0000 value came from this register.What happened?Help me for this issue as soon as possible....