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ADAS1000 evalution Board Software Write to File Feature not working. Can you please help Me. I am using ADAS1000SDZ board and Evaluation software installed in Windows 7 system.

Question asked by kklokeshkumar on Mar 27, 2017
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I am using ADAS1000SDZ evaluation Board.

I am unable to use Write to file feature .


When i click on Write to file a window willl be dislpayed with number of seconds adjustments  & etc. 

I clicked on Default register settings button & selected 10 seconds as record time.

After 10 seconds an excel Sheet will be generated and saved.

If i open excel sheet saved it only displays 1st row with all names thats it. I am unable to see the data. I have attached the file for reference.


Kindly help me in this regard.ADAS1000 FAQ Index adas1000