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ADAU1701 not responding on I2C bus

Question asked by neb on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by neb

I have been banging my head for days around this, but I just can't get ADAU1701 to respond to calls on I2C bus from USBI programmer, which works fine with another ADAU1701 board. I even tried replacing ADA with another part to no avail. I can see that there is clock signal running at 12.288MHz at OSCO pin, all DC voltages are as they should be, and I also have EEPROM on the same bus which can be written to and read from with ease. I need to know what else I can measure or do to see what is going on inside ADAU1701 to not respond to I2C calls. I also tried all available I2C addresses in Sigma Studio, and there is no response from any of them. Attached is scope snapshot on SDA and SCL signals when I try to read from registers in DSP, as well as result in Sigma studio.


What else can I do to test this further?