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ADV7850 using I2C to send command(configuration script)

Question asked by Mentor on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by GuenterL

Hi experts,

   I follow ADV7850 evaluation board to design my circuit. Now my board is on test for CVBS input to HDMI out application. My test is below:


1. Power on 


2. Use Aardvark I2C adapter to send I2C command to ADV7850. The I2C command is follow ADI design support file: configuration scripts : ADV7850ES2-Ver.3.08d_AVEB.txt

- Scripts 1 CVBS/ 1.1a

- Each I2C command is sent and then delay 100ms to sent next.


3. I could detect CVBS input video using register : SDP Map 0x5A(SDP_VIDEO_DETECTED) ; but HDMI output no any response after all I2C command sent.

- Use scope to measure HDMI DDC channel , it has no command to send when HPD is high.


Note: My board doesn't using MCU to control  ADV7850. I want to use Aardvark I2C adapter to send I2C command and control ADV7850.


Please provide some suggestion for my issue, thanks.