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ADV7610 problem with drive strength over long coax cable

Question asked by epos2 on Mar 23, 2017
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It looks like I'm out of luck with my current design as I'm using a multiplexed bus with some coaxial cables to connect the ADV7610 video output to a microprocessor. Long story short, when the output clock is > 100 MHz and I'm adding this cable (used to multiplex the video bus) the clock output doesn't seem to have enough strength to drive the clock succesfully. I see a ~2.3Vpp with ~300mV offset waveform instead of a 3.3Vpp with ~0 offset I would usually see for example decreasing clock.


I've tried setting the pin drive strength to its maximum allowed value, but it's not enough. 


I don't think I can do anything to solve this with the ADV7610. Should I move on to other chips? Suggestions? Or am I gonna encounter the same problems?