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Port AD9361 linux drivers to custom board

Question asked by gensysco on Mar 23, 2017
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I have a custom board with zynq 7020 and a custom AD9361 board, similar to the zed board + fmcomms2 setup. I have ported the HDL reference design of AD9361 fmcomms2 on my custom board, also the non-OS drivers were used to write some basic application like sweeping the spectrum. Now, I am thinking of porting the linux OS provided for fmcomms2 on my custom zynq board and run the IIO scope application. 

As I do not have much experience in linux OS, could someone please give me some information on this? At least where can i start?

I read through the forum for any similar content and other general linux stuff online and concluded that changing just the devicetree of the zed-fmcomms2 boot files to my custom board devicetree should work out of the box. Is it correct? 


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