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Does Analog Devices Make This Amplifier?

Question asked by Driz on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by iamPhil

We have an application for an audio-grade opamp or diffamp with the following key specs:

1.) 100 ohm load drive to near-rails
2.) Less than (roughly) 5mV offset
3.) +/-18V rails minimum
4.) Reasonable slew rate (>5V/uS).
5.) (optional) fast logic enable pin (<1mS on-off operation)

If we get a fast logic-enable option, then the Vos can be higher (say 20-30mV)

The closest we can find is TI's LME49724 diff-amp, but it's only good to around 300 ohm load drive before pooping out.

This part, if it exists, is somewhere between a high-current opamp and a low-power audio amp (5W operating level).

Anything come to mind? By the way, noise performance isn't really important in this application. Thanks.