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cf_axi_adc_core vs ad9361 vs ad9361_conv

Question asked by ttyler777 on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by ttyler777

Hello all,


I'm currently using a FMCOMMS5 board with the zc706.


My main goal is to implement a new adc device that leeches off of the output of the AD9361 core.  I want it to be fully integrated with IIO, so I've been walking through how the AD9361 is implemented.  I have a very basic AXI core implemented, and I'm now trying to write the driver for it.


My question is, what is the relation between the three main drivers: cf_axi_adc_core, ad9361, ad9361_conv?  From what I can see, the cf_axi_adc_core is somewhat of a general adc core driver, but what is the ad9361_conv driver?  How is it different from the ad9361 driver?  Is there anything that lays what the initialization process is for each of these drivers?  


A general overview of how each of these drivers interact with each other would greatly benefit my development process.  Or perhaps I'm approaching this wrong, would there be an easier way to implement this driver without following the cf_axi_adc_core driver structure?


Thanks for all support you guys provide, 


Tyler Jackson