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Adv7611 driver modue creates noise in network interface of processor

Question asked by sunnygpt301@ on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by GuenterL

Myself Prabhunath working on ADV7611 video codec integration with DM8168 processor for BEL custom hardware.


Connection details:

ADV7611 is connected on video input port of DM8168 processor with 16BIT - EMBEDDED_SYNC mode with YUV422 as input data format.



when firmware configure ADV7611 by loading ADV7611 driver module, it creates disturbance/noise in network interface of processor. by which Firmware application is not able to do any network activity (in our case we are streaming incoming video/audio data to other network).



When we have reduced drive strength of output driver of ADV7611 using register 0x14h to value 0x55h(low) instead of default 0x7fh(High), we see improvement in network interference but still it is not completely overcome.


Please find attached source code for ADV7611 linux driver for your reference.


We seek your help for further reduction of disturbance and/or improvement through ADV7611 register configuration if any and way to stop adv7611 output signal till application does not start capturing.


Please let us know if you want more specific details on this.


Thanks in anticipation.