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How to calculate negative 5V's power comsumption?

Question asked by coyoo on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by coyoo

Hi Guys,


There are many amplifier devices used on our fronted-end boards. We plan to combine two boards into one board, so we have to estimate the power comsumption again and selcet suitable power parts.


In our previous boards, the negative 5V seems not comsume many power. For we only use one pices LM7905 (-5V@1A, maximum 5W output) to provide -5V for whole board. There are total 6 pices AD8001, 24 pices AD603 and 72 pices AD8065 used on our previous board. Which were all running with dual voltage (+5V and -5V). And only one piece LM7905 is enough for them.


Now the coming new board will combine two prevous board into one board, and replace the 48 (24 x 2) pices AD603 with 12 pices AD8264. I can design the +5V power structure according previous board, but i don't have confidence to design for -5V power rail. I don't know how to estimate -5V power rail's power comsumption. Could any one give me some recommendation on this?




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