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Timing SAV EAV H:V:F vs. CEA-861

Question asked by S.Griebsch on Mar 22, 2017
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I was wondering what is the main difference between the timing H:V:F and CEA-861 considering the SAV and EAV data.


Analyzing the sync signals from both I can see, that the timing they appear are just the same.

My test setup was, an eval board with a SDI deserializer that outputs H:V:F and the eval adv7612-7511P with CEA-861.

What I could see, is that the pulse width from for example HSYNC and VSYNC ain't the same to HS and VS.


Can someone explain why I get these results?


The background is as follow. I have an encoder that works fine with H:V:F timing signals. Now I want to use an HDMI receiver instead of an SDI deserializer as video input. The ADV7611 does only output CEA-861. The encoder does handle the incoming video from the ADV, but there is a horizontal and vertical offset. My guess is, that there is a problem with the line blanking.


Thanks for support.