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Adding new cells hangs the ADAU1701

Question asked by Alexei_Bazlaev on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Alexei_Bazlaev

When i rise the complexity of some cells, for example, the order of the Chebyshev filter, or add some new rather complex cells to the already well debugged program for the ADAU1701, it can stop to work. Even if there is still much resources (Number of instructions used (out of a possible 1024 ) = 236, Data RAM used (out of a possible 2048 ) = 104, Parameter RAM used (out of a possible 1024 ) = 653), and if the linking and compiling of the project completes with out any warning and error, after downloading of the firmware to the ADAU1701, it can unpredictably hangs.
What may cause such problems? Did anyone ever encounter such problems?