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BF548 PICX issue

Question asked by emanuele.cardani on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by PrasanthR

I'm trying to input PAL video and ouput RGB video with a superimposed OSD with the BF548.


What I need to do is capture PAL video from ADV7183 and output it in RGB with ADV7393 with an OSD in this way:


Video IN              --->        PIXC(RGB conversion + rgb OSD)             --->        Rgb video out


When I input and output video (only pixel format conversion with the pixc) everything looks fine. When I add a RGB OSD (400x400 pixel) the output video goes out of sync.
If I try to do the same thing with a statically generated pattern (code generated bars) everything is fine too.
I’ve double checked the code but I cannot find a clue.


Have you ever done something like that?
May this issue be related to DMA bandwidth? Even with the core almost free (everything running in DMA) the issue persist.
At present I’m working with an evaluation board of AD that mounts a BF548 rev 00 that seems to have several Si-bug.  May this issue be related to a Si-bug?