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ADV7513 Implemetation of Pixel Repetition

Question asked by Lalithaa on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal


I am using ADV7513 for converting the Parallel RGB Video input to HDMI format.

The Video Source Specifications are:

Resolution : 320x426 (Active video Width and Height)

Frame Rate: 60 fps

Clock Frequency: 9 MHz

HS Delay:18 pixels

VS Delay:11 lines

No External DE Available.


Since the clock frequency is less than HDMI standard requirement, I multiplied the input clock by 4 and I am getting 36 MHz clock in TMDS lines.

I mentioned the Pixel repetition value to be X4

I used internal DE generator to generate DE from External HSYNC and VSYNC signals available.


I have configured the registers as follows:

            Master_Write(0x41,0x10); // Power Up Transmitter
            //Fixed Registers to be set on Power Up
            //Setup Video Input Mode
            Master_Write(0x15,0xF0); //Video Format ID (24 bit RGB 4:4:4 or YCbCr 4:4:4 Separate Syncs) and I2S frequency Invalid
            Master_Write(0x16,0x30); //Input Color depth (8 bit)
            Master_Write(0x17,0x01); //Aspect ratio of input Video (Set for 4:3) and DE generation enabled


            //Enable pixel repetition
            Master_Write(0x3B,0xD4); //Enable Manual Pixel Repetition with clk multiplied by 4 and pixel repeated by 4
            Master_Write(0x3C,0x00); //VIC Format Unavailable


            //Enable Internal DE Generation
            Master_Write(0x35,0x04); //HS DELAY 18 pixels
            Master_Write(0x36,0x8B);//VS DELAY 11 lines
            Master_Write(0x37,0x02); //Active Width 320 pixels


            Master_Write(0x39,0x1A); //Active height 426 lines


            Master_Write(0xFB,0x00);//MSB bit of above
           //Setup Video Output Mode
            Master_Write(0x18,0x46); //CSC Disable
            Master_Write(0xAF,0x06); //HDMI Mode Select


*where the first argument of Master_Write function is Address of Register and the second Argument is the Value Configured to it


But I am not getting the output.

The following table gives the result that I obtained

Value in Register 3BCommentsOutput Obtained
11010000 (0xD0)

Pixel clock x4

PR Value- x1

Output obtained with resolution 1280x426
11010010 (0xD2)

Pixel clock x4

PR Value- x2

Output obtained with resolution 640x426

Pixel clock x4

PR Value- x4

No output

Pixel clock x4

PR Value- x4

No output

I have also tried for Manual PR Mode '11' still the same result.


Only for PR Value to be x4, I am not getting the output.

Are the values configured in the registers correct?

Do I need to configure anymore registers?

Could you help me to debug this out!