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What is the expected voltage range on the 2.5 V output on the ADALM1000?

Question asked by lemoneer on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by dmercer

I have been using the ADALM1000 to work through the labs in the Engineering Discovery set.  While doing the first two Class A amplifier labs I noticed my output is not centered around 2.5 V as per the reference voltage used but rather just under 2.4 V which seems to be lower than what is expected given the tolerances of the parts used when building the amps.  I checked the 2.5 V output with a Keysight U1232A and am seeing 2.434 V.  The hardware design indicates the 2.5 V output comes from an ADR381 precision voltage reference with a range of +- 6 mV at room temperature. I seem to be getting about 10 times worse.  Is this normal for the ADALM1000, is something not quite right with my ADALM1000, or have I improperly read the datasheet/measured wrong?