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Connecting ADF7242 to Zedboard

Question asked by bmurali on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by mhennerich

Hi there!


I am trying to add the linux driver of adf7242 on Zedboard, as detailed here. I am able to configure the linux kernel for adf7242, modify the .dts file appropriately.

But when I try to boot the system, I get the following error:

Error when modprobe adf7242 is executed

Seems like its trying to download the firmware, but the adf7242_firmware.bin is not found or the device is not connected.

Where exactly should I keep the .bin file? Should it be put in the linux source folder drivers/net/ieee802154 or in the BOOT partition of the SD card? or somewhere else?


Let me know if you need any logs, source files.


Update: I tried adding the bin file in linux/firmware as indicated in one of the discussions here: Linux Kernel with ADF7242 Drivers for BF537 STAMP

Still getting the same error.