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AD7763 - Operating Temperature

Question asked by KaiserSozze on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by jcolao

Hi There,


In short - what is the typical operating temperature of the AD7763 when running in regular power mode (not low power mode).


The long version - we have just received back loaded prototype boards for our project. Each board has 4 AD7763 ADCs organised into two pairs. These adcs are adjacent to each other, with the layout following the layout in the evaluation board but at the same time as close together as possible. 


We have found that the temperature (measured directly with a contact temperature on top of the die and underneath the PCB) when operating is :

         Low Power Mode : approx 50C at an ambient of 28C

         Regular Power Mode : Approx 59C at an ambient of 28C

         In both cases this temperature is reached in about 12 minutes roughly, and is steady from then on.


1. Is this an acceptable operating temperature for these ADCs (I know data sheet says -40C to 85C..)?


2. What is a typical operating temperature for these ADCs?


Appreciate any feedback guys!


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