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axi_ad9144 in fmcdaq2 reference design

Question asked by xsun on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by rejeesh

Hello there,


I am learning into details in the fmcdaq2 reference design. In the axi_ad9144_core module, four axi_ad9144_channel modules were used to generate dac_data_x_x to the _if module for rearrangement. I understand that there are 4 ways to generate data in _channel module (PN7/PN15 data generation, inverse PN7/PN15, DDS data and fixed pattern). Which signal is used to choose a specific generation method? How dose the input data (dac_ddata_x) used in this _core module? In the design, two of the inputs (dac_ddata_2 & 3) are grounded to 0. The other two is coming from the dmc_data. I think my question in short is how does output signal dac_data_x_x generated from input signal dac_ddata_x. Thank you very much.