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Sport does not accept data in the processor  ADSP-SC589

Question asked by newvital on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan

processor ADSP-SC589

In the example below, outputs half SPORT1_A go to the inputs half SPORT1_B. 

Used mode: DSP standard and DMA disabled

clock SPORT1_A = 1 Mhz;

It is necessary for sport to output 16 bits of data that would accompany 16 clocks and a frame in "late frame sync, active low" mode. 


The example shown below implements this variant of the sport port setting.
In this example, the receive buffer SPORT1_B remains empty and the interrupt does not work!


If the GCLKEN bit is changed to 0 in the SPORT1_CTL_A register (Gated Clock disable), SPORT1_B will start to receive data and the interrupt will work.


How to receive data in SPORT1_B when SPORT1_CTL_A.GCLKEN = 1 ?



//----------- Interrupt handler SPORT1_B ---------------

void int_SPORT1_reseive_b0(uint32_t iid, void *handlerArg){
int temp0;
temp0 = *pREG_SPORT1_RXPRI_B; //receive bufer




void SportInit(void){

//----------- config SPORT1_A ---------------
*pREG_SPORT1_CTL_A = 0x022374F1;
*pREG_SPORT1_CTL2_A = 0x0;
*pREG_SPORT1_DIV_A = 0x000F00E0;


//----------- config SPORT1_B ---------------

*pREG_SPORT1_CTL_B = 0x002330F1;
*pREG_SPORT1_CTL2_B = 0x0;


//----------- Connect outputs half SPORT1_A as inputs half SPORT1_B ---------------


//----------- Register interrupt ---------------


//------------   transmit DATA -----------------

*pREG_SPORT1_TXPRI_A = 0xaaaa;