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a crosscore embedded studio session is already running

Question asked by LiuYe on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Kader.M

    My board is ADSP-BF609 Evaluation Board, and with CCES2.2.0.

    During my debugging process, I encountered such a QUESTION:

   "A crossCore Embedded Studio session is already running. The active session must be terminated vefore lunching a new session."  

    But no calculating results or hardwaresome operation was achieved!!!


Before I encountered this question, I always do as follows:

    (1) I power the board and connect the ICE emulator to the computer through USB port, build my program. And every thing is normal here.

    (2) Then I press the "debug" button, the loading application for core0 and core1 can be complete succesfully. But no calculating results or hardwaresome operation was achieved. Even just DIR/SET/TGL a led tube!!!


    I test my board and emulator on another computer, and everthing goes normally. Then I reinstall my CrossCore Embedded Studio software. While when I repeted the progress above, the warning arise again and still I get no effect on the led tube. 

    What's wrong with it? Really Thanks!