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Interfacing ADuM4223 with IGBT

Question asked by ramesh_cdac on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by RSchnell

Hi RScnell,


I need to interface ADuM4223 with the IGBT Part No : IXXK300N60B3 make : IXYS

I have chosen Bootstrap values Rboot : 0.43 ohms , Cboot : 1 uf, Dboot : MUR 360.

My application requires TOP & BOTTOM device will turn ON together,as it is isolated boost full bridge topology.

When i turned ON the circuit with low voltage,it starts drawing current from Main DC input even with Bridge open condition. Pls justify the problem which i am facing.The switching frequency is 25 kHz.

Kindly provide your comments & suggestions



Ramesh P