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how to convert sinus to square 10Mhz with input 1.2v or 2.2v

Question asked by on Mar 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by Gauzz


im making a project and one of the features that i must check is 10Mhz sinus. i need to check that its 10Mhz and not more or less and that its voltage is 2.4v or 4.4v pick to pick.

my problem is to make the wave to square. i've tried to use transistors 2N222 and 2N6660, but they dont do the job right.

i think maybe using a comperator or a transistor, but so far nothing works properly.

if anyone has any ideas it would be awesome.

i saw few suggestions on forum here, but all the chips that are recommended requires 2v input, while mine is max 1.2v or 2.2v which is not enough.