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ADV7612 dev board HDMI inputs - EDID specifically

Question asked by Utimgr on Mar 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by GuenterL

I have a board designed using the ADV7612, and have two issues at the moment.   First is the design referencing the dev board schematic "EVAL-ADV7612EB1Z_schematic".  Referring to page 1, the HDMI input with the ESD protection.  It makes perfect sense for the HDMI data signals passing thru the two parts but the signals going thru U11 are...well, interesting.


Since the designer failed to put the actual part numbers on the schematic (bad form) I'm guessing these are also ESD pass thru parts.  SCL tied to HPA?  and CEC1 looped around to SDA?  Isn't very obvious whats going on here.


My design uses a TI TPD12S520, designed specifically for the purpose of ESD protection.  Trying to make rhyme and reason for implementing this into a ADV7612 front end, I came up with this approach, based on the dev board.  So is this a correct implementation?  The issue being seen is that when a HDMI source is plugged in one one of the ports, it resets the source.  Both port A and B are identical, so this could just be something shorted on the board, but still needing to check to see if this design is a proper interpretation of the reference schematic.  Also what exactly is EDID?  Electronic ID?