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AD5933 / AD5934 stuck in program-flow, DFT does not complete

Question asked by on Mar 18, 2017
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i am using Ad5934 . i stuck at program flow at poll the status  register(0x8f) to check wthere valid data is at present  .status bit D1 should be set after  start frequency sweep command but it not.. i have cheeked  i2c write/read  data  is ok .

the flow of my program  is

1.reset part 

2.Program the start frequency

3.Program Δf

4.Program the number of increments

5.Program the delay in the measurements

6.Initialize the system & Wait few ms

7.Frequency sweep.

8 check status register ox8f (  i stuck at this place)

///// reset the part ///
i2c_write ( 0x81, 0x10);


// program 30khz start frequency assuming internal osc of 16.776Mhz
i2c_write ( 0x84, 0xC5);
i2c_write ( 0x83, 0xF3);
i2c_write ( 0x82, 0x00);



// program 10hz frequency increment assuming internal osc of 16.776Mhz

i2c_write ( 0x87, 0xE2);
i2c_write ( 0x86, 0x79);
i2c_write ( 0x85, 0x00);


// Transmit to NUMBER OF INCREMENTS =10 register
i2c_write ( 0x89, 0x0A);
i2c_write ( 0x88, 0x00);

// Transmit to settling time cycles register
// program 12output cycles at each frequency before a adc conversion
i2c_write ( 0x8B, 0x0C);
i2c_write ( 0x8A, 0x00);


// place the AD5934 in standby mode
// i2c_write ( 0x80, 0xB0);


// initialise the sensor with contents of start frequency regsister with range 1 (2vp-p, 1.6v) PGA = x1


// start of frequency sweep (2vp-p, 1.6v) PGA = x1
i2c_write ( 0x80, 0x21);


status_register = AD5934_Read(0x8F);

 status_register = (status_register & 0x02);



after step 2,3,4, i have checked the value of status register is =0x70; it is not changing after step 6 and 7 it remains 0x70 .