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ADAU1452 w/ Product Calibration & Control

Question asked by RitchRock on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by DaveThib

I've read through a lot of material on system implementation for ADAU1452 with uProc and am designing my system schematics.


For my product, each unit needs to be custom calibrated with different FIR coefficients. I need to disable some processing blocks in SigmaStudio while I make the filters and then recompile once the filters are in place. Since I'm recompiling for every unit, even-though I'm only changing the FIR coefficients, I still believe this means the register addresses my uProc would potentially write to for user control will change. Is this true?


If so, I probably need to attach my single encoder UI and control my codec (I learned this is possible in another thread...) via I2C from the ADAU1452. I'm using an XMOS for USB audio streaming along with the ADAU1452 and initially wanted to just program & control the DSP from the XMOS uProc, however I'm not sure I can/should because of what I highlighted above.