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Question asked by tim43 on Mar 17, 2017
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Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask. I am quite new to DDS.


As I understand, DDS most often contain an integrated DAC. The AD9106 is a 4 channel-DDS with an integrated 12-bit DAC and a frequency resolution of 10Hz/LSB. Does it support simultaneous update? Looking at 4-channel DDS, there seems only to be the AD9106 and the AD9959. Although the AD9106 has a higher resolution DAC, it seems to offer a worse frequency resolution as that depends on the tuning word (24 bits rather than 32 with AD9959). So then what benefit does the higher resolution DAC give you with the AD9106. Generally, which one would be recommended to use for accurate sine wave/saw tooth wave/etc. up to 100kHz generation. 


I am looking at outputting up to 16 waveforms and the maximum seems to be 4 channels (AD9106/AD9959). Is it possible to tie four AD9106/AD9959 together to allow simultaneous update. 


Or would you recommend just using a high resolution DAC (as they feature up to 16-channels in one chip) instead of the DDS chips for this application. 


Thank you!