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Question asked by Maria Employee on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by sripad


I am developing a wireless communication test bed system using AD9361.

Meanwhile, I have several inquiries as follows. If possible, please feedback to me.


Q1. What is the dynamic range of AD9361?

Q2. Could you provide me with a detailed document for how to use fast/slow AGC control mechanism embedded in AD9361?

Q3. Is there any best product beyond AD9361 in terms of performances such as maximal dynamic AGC dynamic range, 

       maximal ADC bit width, and supported carrier frequency/bandwidth? 

Q4. In AD9361, I confirmed the Figure regarding DCXO Frequency vs. Coarse and Fine Words.

       However, It is difficult for me to differentiate the value according to coarse and fine works.

       So, If possible, Please provide me with a table.