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ADAS1000 50Hz Grass

Question asked by liuguo on Mar 16, 2017
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I'm using two chips of ADAS1000-1 to work combined. My upper monitor is LabVIEW.  And now, I find a question about 50Hz grass.

Here is the spectrum of Lead I. The top one of waves on the picture is the spectrum of output. The other one is the wave after filtering

the picture shows that the wave contains grass of 50Hz, 100Hz, and so on.

You see that the wave contains very Large amplitude of 50Hz ,100Hz, and maybe 200Hz ,and so on. These leads to that I can't filter them.


Here is the spectrum of others that they looks the same so I put one of these.

the picture shows that the wave contains grass of 50Hz.

You see that the wave contains amplitude of 50Hz. But the amplitude is small than Lead I.After filter, the wave is beautiful.But I don't want to use too many filters on my upper monitor because they occupy CPU and also re


And I put a attachment of my schematic of ADAS1000-1 to show you.Please help me to find out what's wrong. The 'NC' in schematic means that I don't weld it.


Here is my configuration. I use official header document.

And also may matter with my PCB.

Please help me to find what's wrong with my board.