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AD7190 & AD7192 no respond

Question asked by SkyLee on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2017 by SkyLee

Dear Analog Devices Community,


I am trying to communicate with the AD7190 and AD7192 with same circuit design (schematics attached).

Not sure why both ADC chip does not give me any respond, I had tried:

1. Perform reset by writing more than 40 '1' to ADC chip, perform read status register by writing 0x40, receive no respond from ADC chip.


2. Pull LOW in CS pin, oscilloscope shows no pulse on the DRDY pin.


3. I had tried loop-back test on my MCU SPI is working fine, I can receive whatever I sent out.


I hope anyone can point out my mistake to solve this issue.


Thanks in advance...



Sky Lee