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ade7880 evaluation board

Question asked by Husain_Jawad on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by dlath

Hello, I bought ade7880 evaluation board and i want to use it as energy monitoring and metering, if i can use arduino mega2560 in the spi bus, do you have codes for it? and i have some questions also about :

-CF1, CF2, CF3, what are these pins? and why do we need them?

-do you have a ready application using UG-356?

-how can i use arduino instead of LPC2368 from the evaluation board?

-is the evaluation board has an embedded CTs and VTs? or i have to buy a new CTs? if i have to buy a new one, what is the required specification of the CTs? transforming from to? and do you recommend a specified values? 


thank you