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ADP1048/ADP1055 Evaluation Board For 2KW Solution

Question asked by OlegTre on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by LtCommData

I will have design of 2 kW power with PFC ADP1048 (bridgeless operation) + DC-DC ADP1055 (synchronous rectifier) + MCU. Input voltage 230 VAC (400 VDC after PFC), output voltage 20-60 VDC.

I have a few questions:

- Can I use any USB-SMbus(I2C) adapter instead of ADP-I2C-USB-Z with ADP1048/ADP1055 Software?

- Why you need the diodes D21,34,35 in "PRD 1378 ADP1048 Bridgeless PFC Evaluation Kit" especially such powerful 8EWS08SPBF? It is possible to use instead of a simple comparator circuit U10 in pin IBAL ADP1048, such as for example in the datasheet ADP1048?

- How to calculate the parameters of transformers and coils for ADP1048/ADP1055 especially T1+T2+T3 for ADP1048 in bridgeless operation (Figure 33. Datasheet ADP1048)?

- Is synchronization required at the output SYNK between ADP1048 and ADP1055?

- Which other thermistor can I apply for ADP1048 on pin RTD?


Could you provide materials which I can reference? Thank you provide suggested to me. My e-mail: