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why fmcomms5 plug-in dissappeared on iio-scope?

Question asked by akyolm on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by akyolm

Hi everybody,


I am using ZC706 + FMCOMMS5 configuration. What i am trying to do is get sum of i signals and sum of q signal from out of ad9361_b in to the ad9361_a and get the total of all i and q signals out of ad9361_a as output to the first channel. I am changing both axi_ad9361_a ip and axi_ad9361_b ips and by using these modified ips i am creating new project with scripts. getting the  .bit file and creating the boot.bin. i put it in the sd card. Linaro is opening and no problem. but when i opened the iio-scope there is no fmcomms5 plugin on the iio-scope. it is dissappeared. so i can not set the signal configurations in order to debug inside signals by using chipscope.  what do you think about this. modifiying ad9361 ips made fmcomms5 plug-in stop working. what might be the problem. is it because of device tree or iio-scope or iio-lib or kernel. i am not that much profession of the linux side. what should i do. Can you help me with that please.  thanks a lot...